Union of the Unwanted : 40 : Dr. Peter McCullough and year end wrap up

Dec 16, 2021

Thanks so much for joining us Monday night.

Below are the links to the audio and video versions of the show, feel free to post it, upload it, share it, ect. wherever you would like, the more we spread these conversations, the better.

I also attached some artwork, feel free to use it or modify it for your own use.

We believe The Union of the Unwanted show and community it has created, is truly something special and unique, so thank you all so much for participating & helping make it what it is.

Also, I cant thank Dr. Peter McCullough enough for all the work he is doing & for still coming on the show, even after his appearance on the biggest show in the world, Joe Rogan. Its a true reflection on of his character, and how much he really cares about getting this info out. He is helping save humanity, and I hope one day the history books recognize & praise his efforts.

Thanks again & have a great rest of the year,
Ricky V.

THE UNION OF THE UNWANTED: 40: Dr. Peter McCullough & Year End Wrap Up

VIDEO (downloadable version): https://www.dropbox.com/s/dso79ecxeev7vp9/uotuw040.mp4?dl=0

AUDIO (downloadable): https://uotuw.podbean.com/e/union-of-the-unwanted-40-dr-peter-mccullough-and-year-end-wrap-up/

VIDEO (Rokfin): https://rokfin.com/stream/11926/Union-of-the-Unwanted–40–Dr-Peter-McCullough-and-year-end-wrap-up

ALL LINKS: www.TheUnionOfTheUnwanted.com

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